Chat rules

Chat rules


How to do it right

We want to have a pleasant atmosphere for everyone. Therefore, it is indispensable for everybody to follow the rules below. Our team of moderators and advisers ensure order in all chat rooms and inflict in case of breach of the rules, if they see this happen in public rooms or get informed by users.

Every user must understand, that a part of this responsibility to have a comfortable arrangement in the chat rooms lasts by himself / herself. At least, we want to have a pleasant atmosphere and community.

You must follow these rules:

bookmark The registration of more than one account for users is strictly forbidden. Infringement leads to blocking of both accounts.
bookmark No spamming in any case!
bookmark It is forbidden to express discriminating, abusive and injurious, racist or pornographic matters.
bookmark It is forbidden to glorify violence, illegal drugs, or the like.
bookmark This is no chat room for dating or sexual matters. Sexual harassment, instigation to sexual acts and the like are strictly forbidden!
bookmark In this chat it is forbidden to use erotic or pornographic pictures or picture, of those you do not own the copy right (as avatar or picture in your profile).
bookmark The advisor avatar may only be used by advisors. This avoids misunderstanding of personal roles in the chat.
bookmark It is forbidden to show ads for other webpages or products.
bookmark Please choose an avatar that does not include any abusive or injurious, racist or pornographic matters.
bookmark This sorrow chat (KummerChat) is no place for any suicidal announcement or search for a suicidal partner. Such matters get deleted. In a case of suicidal attack please contact an adviser.
bookmark It is forbidden to talk about methods for self-injury (including suicide).
bookmark Please avoid any provocation or comments that harms people or worsen the atmosphere. Any deliberate provocations are forbidden and lead to banishing of the chat account. We are a grief chat!
bookmark Offences or insults of other users or team members are strictly forbidden, even if they are posted in indirect manner. They are of no help here! Please consider using sarcasm statements, even if they are not used to harm people.
bookmark Violation of the chat rules may lead to a time out (temporary chat ban) or a permanent chat ban. To bypass a time out lead to a permanent time out.
User Information:
bookmark Please choose an uncommitted and individual user name.
bookmark Please avoid sensitive topics like religion or politics to keep a comfortable atmosphere.
bookmark Discussions are tolerated if there is mutual agreement and respect. Please keep the discussion matter-of-fact.
bookmark If you want to discuss any matters that may harm other users, such as suicide, self-injury or other heavy burden, please only use our trigger room. We do not want to trigger or harm other users by these topics.
bookmark It is necessary for all users to follow the instructions of advisers or the administrator. We want a comfortable atmosphere for everybody in the chat rooms.
bookmark Chat languages are only German or English. Please do not use any other language.
bookmark Please avoid all kinds of weasel words. Please consider that also kids are using these chat rooms!
bookmark To get some regularity and systematic topics, this chat is divided in several rooms concerning several topics. Please stick to the topic in the chat room.
bookmark If you only talk to one person, please use a private message chat. In this case you do not interrupt other users in the chat room.
Protect yourself!
In your own interest and in the interest of protection of minors:
bookmark Do not tell your real name.
bookmark Do not tell your age.
bookmark Do not tell your (mobile) phone number.
bookmark Do not tell your address!
bookmark Do not tell any further contact information, such as e-mail, skype, FB, Insta, Twitter and so on.
bookmark If there are any problems with users, if you feel threatened to anything you don’t want or if you feel pressurized, please contact an advisor immediately or report the user.
House Right in Chat Rooms
bookmark A chat room is a virtual room only, but nevertheless there is also a house right. This right is laid down by the owner of the chat. Therefore, the owner of the chat room or his team has the authority, to decide who may use the chat room
bookmark This chat is provided by a private person. That means this chat can be seen as a public private place (such as a supermarket, a restaurant or pub, no public place like parks).
bookmark If a chat ban is given it must be justified by a reason, such as a violation to the chat rules, the terms of use or an inappropriate behavior. The chat may only be used to its evident purpose.
bookmark Similar to public private places, at first, the entrance to the chat room is open for everybody. Within the entrance and the usage of the chat, the chatter accepts the terms of use, the rules and the terms of data protection.